Spring & Summer Wishlist

Sunday, 22 March 2015

NEW BLOG POST - Spring Wishlist

I've been really trying to be more adventurous with my style lately - this includes adding some colour and accessorising more, and I really love how it's been translating into my #OOTD's. So this spring/summer I really want to venture out of my comfort zone of just cut off shorts, a tee and some sneakers and really explore new, fun and vibrant styles!
Funky sunglasses, zesty bags and lace up flats are all the rage this coming season and I can't wait to try these trends for myself. I really love the idea of wearing a basic white tee, some cons with a more elegant skirt (second row), I think it looks SO effortlessly cool, fresh and it makes it look like you actually tried, but in reality, you really didn't. Accessorising really brings your whole outfit together, whether it just be a few dainty rings or bracelets or some sick layered necklaces, accessorising makes your outfits complete.

What trends are you excited to try this spring/summer?! Don't forget to shop my wishlist below! Xx