Style, Body Shape & Fashion Icons

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Finding your own individual style is difficult - trust me I know - but I'm hoping today's post will make it just a little bit easier for you!

First off you need to find 3-5 celebrities whose style you love; for me those people are Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Sofia Richie and blogger Sincerely, Jules - some others include Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, Nicola Peltz and Hailee Steinfeld. Although their styles are not all exactly the same, they all have an effortlessly chic look to them.

The first thing you'll need in forming a style of your own are basics. My basics are:
  • biker jacket 
  • bomber jackets
  • denim jacket
  • denim shirt
  • oversized mens tees
  • plain tees and tanks
  • white button down shirt
  • flannels
  • cropped top/sweaters
  • oversized sweaters
  • striped t-shirt dress
  • white dress
  • print dresses
  • leather skirt
  • patterned playsuit
  • long black cardigan
  • black, dark wash & light wash and washed black jeans 
  • boyfriend jeans
  • leather pants
  • cut offs
Basics are items that will always be in style; things that will last a life time. These are the things you can spend a bit more money on because you know they won't just be in for one season. Some brands I recommend for nice basics are T by Alexander Wang, Zara, H&M, ASOS and Acne Studios.
*Bolded items are essentials
Shop some of my favourite basics below!
Trend items are things that are usually in fashion for one season - sometimes more. This spring/summer trends are:
  • bomber jackets
  • over-the-knee boots
  • military-esque vibes
  • statement denim
  • shirt dresses
  • sheer white
  • sportsluxe
  • 70's inspired - crochet, flares, fringing
  • tulle
  • suede
  • statement florals - "florals for spring? groundbreaking."
  • platforms heels
  • bare shoulders
  • lace up sandals
  • statement sunglasses
*Bolded items are trends I'll be wearing this spring/summer
Firstly, my shoes basics are:
  • converse
  • espadrilles
  • fur slip ons
  • black ankle boots
  • heeled black ankle booties
  • cool sandals
Shoes are something that can make an outfit look dressy or casual, depending on what type you choose. I tend to gravitate more toward sneakers - converse, superga, slip ons and espadrilles - these give a relaxed, nonchalant look. Ankle booties, both flat and heeled, give a more sophisticated, put together vibe to an outfit. I seldom wear heels, mainly due to the fact that I'd rather my feet be comfortable than be in pain, but sometimes an outfit calls for them.
*Bolded items are essentials

  • black cross body bag
  • red cross body bag
  • black sunglasses
  • bright coloured sunglasses
  • dainty jewellery - necklaces, rings and bracelets in gold, silver, rose gold

Even in just jeans and a tee these women all achieve the effortlessly chic look; and it comes down to the way they accessorise. Adding a pop of colour to your outfit with a handbag, sunglasses or shoes can really make your outfit just that much more eye catching and stylish.
*Bolded items are essentials

Your hair and makeup can really determine what sort of vibe your outfit gives off. My go-to everyday look is minimal makeup that accentuates my features and I usually keep my hair in it's naturally wavy state, in a low, middle parted bun or a low messy pony with layers that frame my face out.
No-makeup makeup is a massive trend this spring/summer, so embrace your face! (OMG that rhymed!)
Here are some links to Gigi's, Rosie's and Kendall's beauty and hair secrets.

Choosing clothing is easy once you know what styles look good on your body type. I know there are specific body shapes labels out there, but I feel like most people aren't just one specific body shape. As I said before you should find 3-5 celebrities whose style that you adore, some with similar body shapes to you and some without. Then pick and choose specific pieces and brainstorm outfits - Polyvore is GREAT for this! Don't forget to accessorise to make an otherwise boring outfit exciting.

Height is a massive factor in how clothing will look on you. What I've noticed is that most clothing pieces are tailored more for women with a bit of height. This isn't to say a 5'2" girl can't wear something Kendall Jenner wore, it's about making it look and sit right on your stature. Thankfully a lot of clothing brands have started to come out with petite & tall sections - Topshop & ASOS are big on this. Tall girls shouldn't try hide their height, and short girls shouldn't swamp their body (Mary-Kate & Ashley are guilty of this).

The #1 thing you need to remember is that style is a personal piece of artwork, if you will, that you created, so have fun with it! Everyone has had outfit mishaps, it's just about learning, growing and discovering your own personal style.