When High Street does Designer

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Boots: Zara (shop below!
Have you ever found the perfect shoe and then looked at the price tag and then backed away slowly? Yeh, me too. That's why I love when high street stores come out with designer inspired shoes; Zara is notorious for this. This season alone I saw copies of Acne, Céline, Saint Laurent and Chanel shoes in their stores and I couldn't be happier.

Over the past month, I've picked up 3 pairs of boots from Zara all reminiscent of designer brands. The first was a pair of black heeled ankle boots that looked exactly like the Céline Angular Chunky Ankle Boot and I'm so in love. You can view them in an outfit here. The second pair were a glittered boot that I went to 6 stores around London to find.  These are Saint Laurent copies, almost exact except for the un-glittered heel. And finally, the third pair are a pointed toe ankle boot with a chunky heel, that are similar to the Acne Studios Jensen Boots.
All these boots are pretty comfy - except for the glittered boots, but this is because they're a size to small!

All these boots are on sale now!

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