Nailed It!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

From left to righ: Revlon 'Flirt' | Maybelline 'Mint for Life' | Essie 'Midnight Cami' | Barry M 'Bright Red'
Whenever I post a nail photo onto my Instagram, I always get questions about what type of shape they are, whether they're acrylic or gel and what the nail polish colour is! Here's everything you need to know:
The shape: Before I go to the nail salon, I go onto my favourite nail Instagrams, which are Laque Nail Bar, esNail LA and Nail Garden, to pick a shape to show to the person doing them. I usually pick a 'coffin' shaped nail, which are long and taper in a bit.
The type: I get acrylics with tips.
The colour: I bring my own polish in and they're always different brands. My favourites are Essie, Barry M, Revlon and Topshop!

I hope this answered all your questions and if I missed anything out, be sure to leave a comment with your question below! Xx


  1. hey :) were they difficult to remove/cause any serious damage? x

    1. Hey, you get them removed at the nail place and it took my nails about 3 or so months to recover from the damage they caused D: xx